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"Create a new trend leading stone industry," Luomaliao stone tile Royal New release

【Time】: September 12, 2009 PM

【Location】: Grand Hotel, Foshan, Guangdong Xiqiao

【Moderator: Star Ceramic Crown Marketing Manager Xu Xinming

【Subject】: Luomaliao tile "Royal Stone," New conference

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【Moderator: Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests network Super Girl, Dear friends, Welcome to the news media Luomaliao "Royal Stone" conference site, I host Xu Xinming, today, with so many came from the National colleagues around the Luomaliao, media friends get together in this beautiful Xiqiao, I am honor.

Let me just come to this conference, field leadership and guests

Luomaliao ceramic crown ceramic enterprises star, Managing Director Mr. He Youhe, welcome!

Luomaliao ceramic crown ceramic enterprises Star Deputy Managing Director Mr. Liao Huinian Welcome!

Luomaliao ceramic crown ceramic star general manager of Enterprise Marketing Center porcelain Source: Su Gui Welcome!

Ceramics business ceramic crown Luomaliao Star Marketing General Manager Mr. Huang Yongnan, welcome!

Luomaliao Brand General Manager Mr. Wu Lisheng, welcome!

Luomaliao crown design director Yan Runming Star Ceramics Company President, welcome to you!

Luomaliao Sales Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Ma Hui, welcome!

Luomaliao sales vice president Mr. Cai Xiaolin, welcome!

Luomaliao is the first foot antique brick, is currently the largest scale, with 1,000 acres of world-class eco-industrial park, the top ceramic enterprise. 1999 Luomaliao creation, after years of development, is now realized in products with international fashion trends and management of synchronization, and today proudly Luomaliao Luomaliao Royal family, Luomaliao can get today such brilliant results, certainly the best qualified to helm Luomaliao Mr. He Youhe, here is what the total requested for today's conference speech, applause welcome!

Star Ceramic Crown Ho, Managing Director of friends and business
Ho: Dear Luomaliao colleagues, as well as friends of the media, Good afternoon! Today is a memorable day, today we are honored to have so many friends to the Luomaliao Royal Stone's launch to celebrate the tenth anniversary of listing Luomaliao ceramics. On behalf of the Luomaliao arrival of all guests a warm welcome!

This year is the tenth anniversary of Luomaliao, our China Construction Association, and the top online media Sohu held a series of cooperation such as the tenth anniversary celebration, the commencement is in full swing across the country. Starting from August 20 opened at the top ten designers Xi'an, China antique brick design competition series a prelude to the next will be holding a second. Just ended on September 9 to carry out the third leg of Hangzhou is very smooth, but in the entire design community which is a sensation. Including China, China Academy of Fine Arts Professor Tien-Secretary-General of the design world such as celebrity gave us Luomaliao high level evaluation, then we will in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Wuxi and other places one after holding designer events.

Luomaliao popularity and reputation in the constant upgrading, our cooperation with, "Happy China" to find ten happy family activities carried out in full swing, is also a very effective word of mouth spread Luomaliao. With the tenth anniversary of Luomaliao, as well as brand awareness and reputation continued to improve, our sales are growing rapidly this year, from January 8 this year, month, Luomaliao sales were up more than 15%, in environment impact the financial crisis following the 15% growth should be worthy of our honor is worthy of our peers envy. In the tenth anniversary of the excellent situation, we proudly mark the tenth anniversary of the peak achievements Luomaliao Cross Royal New Stone Age, it has further solidified its Luomaliao launch the competitiveness of Chinese building materials industry to create the most powerful, most shocking, the most competitive lineup of super antique brick. Royal Stone this series we started last year we again examine the products concerned. This is the first phase of the introduction of the technology we Luomaliao, first of all to stone as the material is cut into the design. This issue, we introduced either category, colors are very large size, including 600 by 600,600 by 900 and so on specifications is quite comprehensive, in this large series of the above there are 11 colors, including all saw this morning, There Carrara white, beige, Crema Marfil, Shaan Na beige, gold for Love, etc. very rich range of color products.

The Royal is a very fancy stone we are also very promising, it should be the true health of stone, in the choice of materials and manufacturing process is very environmentally friendly, he is likely than the average of the stone a little more. Natural stone is very valuable, is less and less, and stone has its disadvantages in the radiation above and so on, Stone is not easy to dirty, dirty marble is easy, we take in these areas are fine stone design.

Royal Stone now has just come out of this series of new product testing, wear resistance 40%, experiments are done dirt clearance capacity. We are confident that for the time being ahead of peers. Application throughout the product design which we grasp the application of stone style, from the Royal Stone, from the late period of development to the design, we conclude as we are "is a stone, and to the stone, better than the stone." We believe that competition in the core brand of products has always been competitive, so we in this Luomaliao tenth anniversary of the culmination of the introduction of Royal Stone, followed by a number of clients may be required to add some part of the 800 by 800 and so on, different specification of antique brick. Also plans to introduce some additional cost before the end of comparative advantages of ceramic tile, and further to enrich our product line and our competitive advantage.

Our new production base planned Guowanchunjie after the commissioning, production then we will also introduce new products Luomaliao polished at the same time, we continue to further study the application of product design accessories that one, this is the whole design department's work this year, down more important part of making our products throughout the application, to attain more optimal overall package. In the grade, the Royal Stone now we are confident that our standard is better than peers, but we will not meet this, the back, whether from the flatness of products, from its anti-wear degree, the whole body from it what they seem to further improve performance, hope that this product better and better!

Here you can explore our understanding of antique brick, the whole cast glaze techniques that I believe very long time in the future will be very important building ceramic part inside. From its color performance are strong, able to control the light level, the number of imitation stone pattern, whether it is making a very beautiful graining and the likes. It can be said to be glazed and polished technology transition and integration. I believe this product as it slowly to promote mature and previous sales are very helpful. I believe that in stone as the starting point is very accurate, and I think this stone will gradually penetrate into the material to the other, including the timber and so there will be a great promotion. I think the introduction of far-reaching significance of this technology can be said to turn over antique brick or ceramic tile industry, the new page.

The late start of the Chinese antique brick industry, Luomaliao has continued operating for a decade, can be said is the industry's evergreen, and today the status of the development of the leafy branches, all of you pay is super hard and sweat almost unimaginable. But the courage to challenge the Luomaliao people will do with our stubborn we traversed one step at a glorious history, which in the coming days, we uphold the Luomaliao more innovative ideas to forge ahead, the market will be antique tiles bigger and stronger and continue to broaden the field of antique tiles, become a global power company! This is a new starting point, I believe that the next time which chinaren, Luomaliao will usher in a more exciting future! Thanks again for all of you on Luomaliao has been concern and support, thank you!

Moderator: to thank him for the overall speech, his statement shows the beginning of Luomaliao have a glorious future. The next industry to be invited to build Arthur Liu for the detailed explanation of all the Royal Stone Products! Have requested.

Liu: All of you friends, good afternoon! Today I talk about what the Royal Stone in the end product, what features of each product's features are.

Real stone is Luomaliao launched a new product, just in the short recalled Luomaliao innovation, Luomaliao tiles and other enterprises are not the same, we are not blindly follow the company, we have the pace of innovation We are each a product of our patented products are unique products, represent the Luomaliao antique brick in the areas of innovation and breakthroughs. Today we launched the Royal stone, in fact, the future development of tile is to replace other products. That the industry has a very high significance, we should applause in a speech before or how dedicated our total, dedicated to those R & D team.

We can see the recently launched Royal stone products launched 11 series, with different colors, whether the bright colors, or dark, the West can be found in our products, we look at why the granting of Royal Stone.

First category, this time we are very confident, very generous it is defined as stone. It is beyond the past, the stone re-definition of many dealer friends that our products, release time is not that a little late, in fact, we can interpret it this way, we came out on R & D in 08, also saw a lot of friends series of stone products. But we did not rush to market, but to continue research and development to continue on. It can be said for a whole year of new tests, we present beyond the stone for the target real success. We are in the 17 stone eight defined its unity, this is our first year we defined the time to test this product to launch this product.

The second is the category of high, just a category positioning. The second is the royal stone, why is the royal stone then? We are dedicated European royalty is, each is a most mainstream products, such as the Carrara white is the White House the products they use, the Spanish used the stone palace, and our gold for Love is a plan to use Turkish Royal . This represents a very high honor, it also means that the new stone. Our research and development is marked by such high-end stone products. Just to see our stone products industry is very high significance, at least in appearance more beautiful, more in R & D on the classic blueprint of our technological breakthroughs in place?

Technological breakthrough can be said that a series which used stone photo texture, technology plus glaze technology.

Implementation of rare marble products from outside the texture to the ultimate reduction of the internal strongly. Every detail comparable to the rare stone.

First, we can see that technology is mainly glazed stone house now! Is the name of stone for a strong showing. Texture is easy to do, but the texture is very difficult, and our material is very pure, burning paper burning the perfect, supplemented by ultra-precision surface polishing.

The photo quality graining done very mechanism, a stone good, Jennifer is not rare, to see his stone products good or bad, is product with the details, we see a lot of details on the photo and innovation, presents us said rare stone texture and gloss, it is not every brand can do the delicate stuff out.

Then look at what's behind the Royal stone, we use all the most advanced equipment, combined with our technology can create such a definition to ensure the original original. Why should we study this year, product, because to find a stone most important thing is to find a model Luomaliao time in research products, has been searching for the best model to ensure that essential pieces of our products, we find the largest of the original model in the reduction. We find a lot out of marble to ensure that our products are different, highlighting the effect of both natural and harmonious, this is not only technology but also to find the most expensive, products with the best model to do the rock of our products.

Conference site
Another ultra-fine polishing technology, just a stone pattern photo techniques, glaze technology. Super-polished crystal base, glaze technology is only the hardness of stone embryo, after the very fine polishing after the full emergence of this texture can feel.

Just now we talked about a glaze technique, a photo Marble technology. Look again at the Royal Stone that some products are included. This is our entire product content.

Can be divided into: We have a black and white Carrara white, we have three cream-colored stone products, whether in class or in this category are sold in very good product. Crema Marfil, beige, etc. Shaan Na.

First look at Carrara white, it is teacher names are used in home products, Carrara is the world's top stone crown jewel, the Italian flag in white Carrara used. A reduction of our products is Italian Carrara stone sculpture of the Renaissance, if we look at, whether it is Leonardo da Vinci, Rodin, Michelangelo their works are used Carrara stone. Venus is also said to do with the Carrara stone, it really is a pure on the permeability of representative products. If the sale of bricks, and this will have some of the famous figures associated with. Our description of how to do Carrara stone, why more famous because he was a little white floating in the black, he has a flowing black stripes, the arrangement of space is very chic. He is also a five-star hotels popular products. The second is a black root, root, and black and white with some white, when we sell these two products can be sold together.

A little black and white outer root concept of flying rocks, it is relative Carrara it is very clear and refined.

Our third product is the Crema Marfil, our designers to Crema Marfilcompare the characteristics of the surface of pure, there are linear texture, a small number of simple texture inside. Spain are the world since the same cream-colored precious marble, ceramic tile is also the reduction of a product. Although texture is very simple and chic, relatively high operating together, he has always been the favorite in the Royal products. Crema Marfil We said the texture is relatively simple and clear, it has a very strong silk texture, it is actually a very hard to imitate the texture. He had a silk color, with a similar penetration is a precious natural feeling.

Cream Marfil silk texture of it, while the emperor in front of beige and products are completely different products. Imperial beige is produced in Italy. Is the ends of the earth products produced by this place, it is representative of the texture through the sense of the world's top product performance. It's white like a diamond embedded in it, as there is a feeling of shock monarchs of the sky. Crema Marfil like beige silk, while the emperor, and it is not the same as beige.

Royal Batticino
Royal Batticino is in the category of very good product to buy. It originated in Iran, it is relatively warm and soft alumni, it is white in the overall temperament through a sense of warmth. We compare realistic texture, color, softer translucent This is very good, there is a royal symbol of the product.

In fact just said either Crema Marfilor Royal Batticino Loading beige beige category are sales of larger stones are very mainstream products, but also in the high-end consumers and designers of the more popular products. This is the industry benchmark for the design. They not only look at the texture, the texture on a wide variety of details, that is predictable dry, with soft color and texture, if the gallery to see our payment for Love products, he can be called on to communicate and lighting products, in convergence on the space in a very transparent product. Its color is more modest, in light and lighting under the call feeling very full of our gold products are crystal clear sense of Love, see the light. This technology is very high, it is interpreted as a royal banner of luxury.

We now look at the grain yield of stone products to its relatively small, and it is a natural combination of products, which are fossil-class products, both have decorative value, but also have ornamental value, we can see that wood used stone walls decorated room, we restore the sense of comparative value, this product is indistinguishable from the original full dynamic industry more classic products. Wood of trees, stone color and gray wood color.

Next comes the gold stone, which is more recent championship years in front of stone products, it is straight texture, silky texture and lighting are fundamental to each other to welcome our out of this natural gold stone products, is the perfect whole.

Rainforest Brown Rainforest Green their products rather special, we make Luomaliao Rainforest Brown Rainforest Green he is the original surface, to touch our hands can feel it is a real product with real texture as you can and feel different textures.

Produced in Turkey, netted brown marble, the palace often use this stone. We sell this product allows our designers to reach out and touch this product, feel the rain forest brown two are totally different design products that can personally experience the products.

Today, friends and journalists dealers can see in the exhibition a series of gold spider with its more sophisticated products, and through a sense, it is relatively rare stone Chanyu absorb, we can see a lot of use in Greece Golden Spider stone buildings. Golden spider used in the bathroom and kitchen can reflect more unique taste, it has a natural dynamic feel.

Finnish Red reflects a low-key Royal luxury, it is produced and the Nordic product, we went to Denmark and Norway have the romantic fairy tale of the original houses have adopted the Finnish Red, whether in external or internal, have a high degree of product . We Luomaliao Red Royal Stone Finland it is very simple style, the Finnish Red displayed, emphasizing the low-key feel gorgeous. This stone can reflect the unique qualities and extraordinary everywhere manifest.

We just put a different category of products introduced in different color products. Represents the industry more mainstream products. Which a product is Luomaliao unique stone products have good market value and designers use to communicate the meaning of why we Royal Stone Products is a leading product. First, the health index.

Royal Stone stone products are environmentally friendly, healthy and stone products, green stone products, we choose the glaze Ye Hao, Ye Hao production process are not guaranteed checks at each level radioactive products, in fact, natural products, no matter how luxurious marble are both radioactive hazard to human, why we can replace natural stone, because we are green and healthy environment stone, there is no better environment to human pollution.

The second point to compare our natural stone products with more light, we have developed a variety of Finnish red color phase of our mining products do not come out well, from the product phase on the run, can not guarantee that every piece of brick is brick will be the best way of weakness. Royal Stone's products, but we are choosing the best product phase, we are all modeled on the best selection of marble products, so each brick is a very good product, no flaws, but inevitably, there is the natural defects of natural formation.

The third of our higher gloss, we use the more innovative industry-leading products of natural enamel, it has high brightness, the overall effect on the display has a noble sense, and because we are all cast glaze to ensure long-term application of our technology products do not become dull, some natural products, the baptism of time the limitations of his time, used for some time that the brightness will decrease, easy to dim. Royal Stone's products can therefore guarantee that our space is persistent, such as new, and our persistence longer, we have done in the exhibition of our corrosion experiments. We have tile stain resistance and a series of advantages. Natural products would be oxidized, can not afford a number of complementary feeding of carbon dioxide and other corrosive liquids. Change the color of natural products are necessarily the result, so the third point is its durability longer wear longer.

Another form of the overall color performance, we have original photo technology, has a very gorgeous gorgeous effects, and our original product with the reinstatement of the stone are the most beautiful, natural stone may have some impurities in our products expression very strong. We can see that our R & D results, through our detection experiments, the Royal Stone lower water absorption, easy to Dali. In fact, natural marble stone is more difficult, I think the home with natural stone that is not environmentally friendly, using up too much trouble. Why are we represented by the Royal stone products, natural stone is a threat, is because our royal stone on the far superior to them.

We posted our product label, the future of our exhibits manual because we had just arranged a good exhibition, will take the better things, and designers to communicate.

Royal Stone classification of the origin of products, this product can be more representative of the industry a high degree of product, after a year of testing, after a year of looking for innovative research products to produce more complete range of products. A product to market and this is also the tenth anniversary of Luomaliao gift of products, hope that in future sales, this product will become very situation of the product.

Moderator: Thank you! This morning we saw in the exhibition hall inside the Royal Stone latest display of the program we want to need an agent to the royal stone of our needs and understanding further, the next star on the crown Ceramic Group Design Director, Mr. Yan Runming display of Royal Stone for further explanation and analysis! We have requested our applause Yen total.

Crown Star Ceramic Group Design Director Yan Runming
Yanrun Ming: I am designing a spokesman for the Department, you boss, good afternoon! Call me Ah Ming on the line. We are doing products, and the overall design of the angle of the Department to share with you how the future use of these products, the entire sales process on the future of great help, and certainly the beginning of the products one by one slowly, first of all talk about the card Lara White.

Carrara White because of his size 900 x 900 are 600 × 600, as it has done the White Carrara very realistically.

(PPT Chart)

In fact, Stone does not need too fancy really good practice, our slogan is loyal to the stone, which is a specification to do the toilets 200-300. Shape our showroom which is rich in black and white tiles joined with often do not have to put in black and white to white in the showroom is also very attractive.

This is also part white brick gold spider. This body which we have done several Hall of relative also more classical than the classical approach. This is the original design from a palace inside a bathroom renovation home network focus, it represents a 15th century royal practice. It does not express a deep color, with light colors make this comparison, it is the brick, together with our out of these parts make a very powerful sense, is a light color brick was originally made heavy feeling. Original network with the texture, reflects the charm of history is very strong. This is the Magic Double Loading beige, beige in the industry to do better in the stone I have not seen before, so I think our research institutes this makes a very nice beige stone out I feel very excited. Magic Double Loading beige beige king, as that type of brick is difficult to imitate, such as the joints, because it was stitched in two colors, very difficult to express the gap. This brick I suggest you send a little more cargo.

This showroom is the Magic Double Loading beige top is golden spider beige below, it is mainly for making more heavy, more European direction of the charm. But the showroom also between the model, particularly the brick is 600 × 600 on the extraordinary credentials, even if it is 900 × 600 do not require sewing days, but cut into a 300 × 300, when there are a number of non-evidence the whole brick is evidence because it is sewn stone should not be left alone when selling some of the problems, so I think this can change the 600 × 300 in size will be better.

The showroom is beige with Magic Double Loading express a luxurious bathroom, in fact, I feel very good toilets do not say too much, especially in the sink, in fact, the sink full accordance with the five-star hotel out of the toilet to do exactly the same, Therefore, this model demonstrated the effect of inter-and grade is impeccable.

This is the imperial beige, this brick has come rather late that we did not display, but also in the restaurant side of the wall to show what he cut. The current method is really not appropriate to show the first cut is 900 × 2 after the flatness of some of his problems. That we must be aware that if it does not cut a piece of tile is flat, flat too hard to imagine. Our 800 and 900 × 600 is a flat brick, this is the emperor's own brick beige, 5,6 m away from the look that is stone, there is to do a lot of texture is very clear, as very exciting, change is more. We needed more time after some of this change is a brick over his incredibly, he implies the change is the best. This is a product not on the wall are very good, and the Magic Double Loading beige this brick is the same as the most outstanding cream-colored stone.

This is the Wood Stone, Wood Stone we have two shows, the number of toilets to set about the general changes, together with some of his own design made out of the program, so in particular the simple, in fact, rich wood grain stone itself to compare the kind we have done very simple. The stone on the wall after the integration of wood, stone products are put up light. We use a collection of these edges to express the feeling of the stone has been expressed very vividly, and very simple, with simple things to express utility is very good.

This is the gray wood, this model is expressed between the most simple approach. Our grain to do this simple thing first of all, he basically did not sew, so the whole flat like a slate over more of their low profile is not possible other materials, to achieve such a fine, even with real stone can not express it perfect.

This product I personally prefer I can not guarantee that everyone likes, but many people will like it, this product will take very good home improvement channel, expression of the entire space is simple, the most simple things first material is in place its own to feeling good to do a simple.

This is gold for Love, Golden Days can be used to spread the bottom, it is quite a grand European-style charm, luxury, high, solemnly. The showroom will not have too many explanations, including the use of gold for Love to do a lot of stone products is very useful to the elevator yesterday and Changsha about a boss like that, and a floor at least a dozen lift. The future we will do a lot of room for clothes out of this project is very useful, but now our products are very advantageous. Our lines of these stones are made of ceramics, we basically do not have resin.

This is also the use of products in which payment for Love, this is Finland red, red as the product comes in Finland relatively late, and therefore have not yet, but this product design, some designers would like, this product can be the root through the black and white can be said with the breath and the history of aristocratic charm is easy to express, will express very noble feeling. If this requires us to do the program immediately, we will be in line behind a lot of background programs you can access that can be downloaded.

Luomaliao New Royal Stone
This is a black root, white root in the public areas easily use at home is to do some quasi-bordered, for example, the toilet can match up with other bricks, for example, said earlier that you can mix and match with the Finnish Red would be very beautiful. This is a shop in the floor is 600 plus 600, through the combination can be combined into different textures, we are just an expression of the one only. Will provide a behind the program are a variety of shops. The brown and forest green rainforest.

Brown is used to do this rainforest backdrop fact, this used to shop floor is very good, it's quite soft. The rain forest green walls in the dining room that this piece, we have found that the 900 × 600 is not left seam can be said is unusual evidence, we can look back later.

The gold rock gold rock that has come relatively late, which have not yet displayed in the exhibition, gold stone in what is now understood in many places the public can use, in the decoration which I think can do the bathtub or shower area His texture region are available from top to bottom, and the expression of the feeling of water with some classical sense, here we will do this show out.

The seam on the handle a lot of ways we have used the general said as nothing less than the stone on the wall, these methods, the specifications of our 900 × 300 white brick on the wall approach, there are 900 × 300 so hypotenuse to express the hypotenuse later laden with a sense of the atmosphere is very good. Our line of accessories is only a number of corner, behind some of the existing mosaic tiles, the back will also be many puzzles to adapt aspects of home decoration. Including the toilet on the ground among small, may be in the hall may be a wavy line. First introduced here, our design staff stands ready to provide services to fellow dealers, relevant information can also be purchased online to download, my talk is over, thank you!

Moderator: Thank you speak like Yan overall wonderful, then we are not clear on the royal stone, and on the display of royal stone, after the end of our conference, we can Yen communicate privately General, ladies and distribution business friend I hope you own the hall out of the area shows us the Royal stone products, stone toward national linkage to the Royal Golden Age! Thank you for coming!

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