Residence of the city's top hardcover hardcover air villa Greentown Greenwood handed down

Greentown Greenwood Park Scenery

Green City Green Park 371 I pure fine decoration serviced apartments, as the Green City in the center of Ningbo, the first opening of new works, since launch, has been praised by the Ningbo and the pursuit of high-end customers, delivery of house occupancy rate six months up to 50 %, high-end circle the city together, has become the undisputed collection.
Autumn 2009, Green City Green Park 3 sets handed down to the U.S. model of air between the famous Villa bloom, French court taste, Italian neo-classical aristocratic bearing and 3 sets of complete custom-style duplex luxury mansion ,280-400 square meters of space, Italy, U.S. imports of furniture, global brands hardcover, also comes with large terrace garden, leaving the city spectators.


A park of the world

2009, Greentown (Forum News) * Green Park Virtual bloom and green landscape park was named Ningbo Top Ten. About Greenway Park, you can personal experience to the sense of Greentown and details the kind of quality beauty go2map, clever layout of the park landscape, even more valuable is the architecture and landscape design in timber and harmonious unity, mutually landscape. To ensure the quality of the landscape and a sense of wholeness, Green Park in the landscape is quite exquisite selection of the above, each block of stone, each decorated pieces, each tree has its own story. Green Garden Landscape Construction at a fine landscape construction management, and to fine decoration process to create a rigid pavement. Park South entrance to the Park Centre is an important landscape axis, Greentown willing to invest, the park features the axis dome pavilion landmark essay of up to 100 million total cost, for the copper dome building, dome shaped, as the whole column of white stone cutting holes Stone, a low wall with curved lines and shapes, curved surface using water jet cutting, construction workmanship.

Tree seedlings each park are engineering and technical personnel often went to Guangdong and carefully selected products. In order to single out high-quality nursery stock, engineering and technical personnel often do this for several days in the months of nursery base, hundreds of seedling trees on-site inspection, the final selection of a beautiful high-quality tree seedlings sent to the greenway. Selection of the detailed process of exquisite, crafted with expertise, the entire parkway is perfect.


Virtual Green City Green Park Indoor Swimming Pool

Upscale community generally in addition to beautiful scenery, comfortable living things, must have a matching top, set up nearly 5,000 square meters greenway park activity center, approximately 1,000 square-star hall Sogou, includes indoor and outdoor swimming pool, coffee bar, children's activity room , book club, table tennis room, gym, game rooms and so on. Such a perfect matching with fine decoration is delivered, so Jiaofang greenway half occupancy rate of 50% is not difficult to explain.


Appreciation edition luxury hard cover every inch of comfortable space

Greentown real estate companies as well-known, has always been known for quality, Green Park is a green city in Ningbo, the first fine decoration projects, but is 'willing' approach carved living space, featuring several top international brands pavement Air villa. French court taste, Italian neo-classical aristocratic bearing and 3 sets of all hardcover model room featuring all of the design by the famous architect, with exquisite wood detail, multiple use of hand techniques, see the Department luxury carving every detail Ningbo city life to create the perfect chapter of festival.

Green Park hardcover with Europe and the United States imports three model room furniture, global brands hardcover, Crema Marfil and Angela Cream beige combination of water jet technology paving, Belgium brand carpet, Queen's White House of U.S. imports Baker furniture, solid wood cabinets SECCO Italy, Poland imported 3D Smart clothes dryer ... ... 10 million of enjoyment for Ningbo Choi Chi classes tailored.


French restaurant Virtual model room


Fragrance chanson Tian Long Ba Bu, court taste

Greentown (Forum News) * French court taste Luyuan model room, from the French style of Feng Dan Bai Luhuang room, from the Beijing home of their design team carefully describe the U.S. industry, to show dressed in a French romantic and elegant dress.


French Virtual model room living room

Into the model room, was greeted by about 5.4 meters, pick an empty high-wide living room, beige ground with Crema Marfil, Angela beige paving mix water jet technology, superb technology, a seamless mosaic. The most dazzling is the foreshadowing of the entire Belgian imports of carpets, full of natural and naive-style blue and glossy, the nature and civilization, ancient and modern fashion and elegant amassed in the Noble House, became celebrities enjoy the fairy tale. Distressed white wood-style sofa is embedded, off-white wood finishes with antique wall to do the old technology, Dulux emulsion paint, meant to embody the idyllic natural style. Hundreds of millions of years ago, grabbed the fireplace is made of lime stone river bed erosion, clear presentation of the original multi-level stone texture. The whole space filled with the classic taste of French luxury. Chinese and Western-style kitchen island dining table perfect pair Deer desktop, feature-rich, to meet the owners of private gluttonous fun.


French restaurant Virtual model room

Luxury spacious master bedroom from the master bedroom, generous study, L-type walk-in separate cloakroom, main health system, balcony common cast. Master bedroom and study through integrated, pattern side is generous, bed, sofa, desk, wardrobe and other furniture with high-end imported brands, large study to the Southern landscape balcony to build a rare aristocratic doors to enjoy; primary health system by the hand basin, Block toilet, shower bit, Jacuzzi composition, through L-type walk-in closet, subjective and objective health sanitary ware industry with Rolls-Royce called Duravit Duravit 1930 Series, cloakroom with Distressed white wood cabinets color satellite, show the President suites like the extravagance of life in the care and comfort accentuates Department.


Master bedroom Scenery


Virtual primary health


Tuscany, aristocratic bearing

Greentown (Forum News) * Green Garden Italian aristocratic bearing model room goodfeel, from the noble spirit of Tuscany, Italy, from the Beijing home of its U.S. design team carefully and ink industry, the overall style of simple, dignified, retro, reproduce European art under the influence of the classical renaissance charm.


Italian Virtual model room living room

Italian model room is an exclusive elevator households, absolute privacy respected. Hollow about 5.4 meters high ceiling living room, wooden beam ceilings, old-fashioned Tiehua chandeliers, wall decorative cherry wall lumbar articles added dimension, beige ground with Crema Marfil, Angela beige combination of water jet technology paving, Belgium imported deep brown carpet and the United States imported antique furniture complement each other. The most unique is the living and dining rooms are shaping the way the use of semi-Farfetched indoor scene in the window, place the red wine, antiques, paintings and other decorations, filled with rich Mediterranean taste, supplemented walnut floors, cherry furniture, rich and beautiful mysterious curtain fabric, creating a beautiful and romantic blowing aristocratic stately colors.


Master bedroom Scenery


Terrace Scenery

Hao Kuo master bedroom from the master bedroom, generous study, two cloakrooms, main health system, balcony common cast, spatial scale comparable to Villa pattern. Men and women separate cloakroom master design, the primary health system consists of hand basin, toilet, shower bit, Jacuzzi composition chinaren, subjective and objective health sanitary ware industry with Rolls-Royce called Duravit Duravit 1930 Series; the entire wall of wood study, embedded Manqiang bookcases, wall to wall plates in the United States Takagi import wallpaper, desk bunk bed imported carpets imported from Belgium, demonstrated extraordinary master elegant taste. Italian super-model room also comes with 100 square meters large balconies, tea chat, entertain guests, family and friends party perfect place for the interpretation of air moving in unison to attain the master villa living realm.


Time goes by, style forever

Neo-classical model house design team from Taiwan featuring Gaudi implemented, would aesthetic fashion, Hua Guidian perfect combination of elegance and romantic nostalgia, a dream to meet a class of living.


Neo-classical model room living room Scenery

Neo-classical model room has 400 square meters villa moving lines and patterns, the overall A huge, solemn, harmonious symmetry, always rich family said the family dignity. As an important place for family activities, living room, dining, kitchen and Western double word layout and north-south double balcony, living room high ceiling hollow about 5.4 meters, magnificent, grand style, 3-meter-high gold-leaf frame with the characteristics of oil paintings, grand Suanne beige stone fireplace, beautiful and mysterious; in steady elegant hand-tailored carpet, white sofas imported from Italy, marble platform a few, there are hanging on the walls carved with exquisite hand-painted decorative painting, ornate crystal chandeliers and top Ministry of Construction of three-dimensional convolution of the Beas curve Tian Long Ba Bu sense of luxury and elegance, giving the whole living room full of life.


Master bedroom Scenery


Virtual study

The venue and on the second floor, through the unique semi-circular walkway is open study with the master bedroom, generous walk Founder customized study landing shutter door, hand on 2nd floor of the wood railing, 5 meters high in a wide panoramic view living room , relaxed and happy. Light over the door, quiet and comfortable master bedroom they give you different kind feelings, accompanied by elegant furniture, beautiful velvet curtain, featured in the cloakroom and the main cylinder with a massage all the main Guardian bring luxury to enjoy your life . Independent personal study is the best interpretation of the perfect life, with two rows of fully customized handmade floor shutters, gorgeous one point, a simple addition of a sub-sub-romantic, the perfect interpretation of the 10 million mansion in the quality and temperament.

Each product must be tempered exquisite art treasures, it is Greentown concept works. In Greentown (Forum News) * Green Park, the scarcity of top-level air hardcover Villa, hardcover international standards, the star hotel lobby, indoor and outdoor two-pool, gym ... ... and both are top-life platinum Ningbo benchmark 17 173, they are for " Green City Green Park "polymerization. Now, the last eight seats offering top of the air Villa passion reflected, for Ningbo upper class was born, and appreciation of the beauty version of luxury, look forward to your visit Tasting!


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