Stone to lead healthy new trend of high-end residential

Design, is the decoration of the soul. Design not only reflects the owner's taste, style and preferences, and even went to the health of family life are inseparable. With the increase of material life, the owners are right decoration design and decoration materials and require a higher and higher, in particular those with the big house owners of senior housing, including villas, town houses and condominiums Deng.

For the high-end housing in terms of not only the design to the grade, to have personality, outstanding taste, but also in the choice of decorative materials must taste, to the grade, and in strict conformity with the standards of technical performance, this high level of demand achievements one after another wave of home decoration design. From ceramics, natural stone-dominated world, to Zhuoyuan health stone meteoric rise, high-end residential design changes in fashion again, toward the more diverse, more abundant, the direction of extension of the more advanced.

Andrew White family health Zhuoyuan ceramic decorative stone

Natural simple, yet elegant atmosphere

This design used in the Royal Spanish general health of stone beige (Crema Marfil) series, the series has always been "extremely extravagant respect for the natural pet" synonymous. "Has been imitated, never to be surpassed." This sort of language used to describe the Royal Spanish beige (Crema Marfil) very appropriate, the Royal yellow stone (Crema Marfil) sago-producing areas of Alicante and the birth stone for producing high ground, was among the first to provide for the Roman Palace one stone-producing areas. Although the current Simi Huang origin gradually increased, but the truly royal descent only produced in the producing areas of the Royal Alicante, Spain Spain beige (Cream Marfil). Stone delicate texture, luster bright, natural stone will be personality to the limit, but gifted with a luxurious natural temperament impossible to resist, the Pro can kind of feel that.

Fashion romantic, yet elegant

This design generally used in the health of Stone Roses in Turkey, there are "among the potential Guanghua romantic" view. No one can deny the passion of red, because that is the heart of the catalyst; no one can contradict the romantic roses, because that is sweet love. Unable to retain stars and moonlight, the Turkish style, romantic, bright red romantic roses have been fixed grid, delicate roses round texture, bright, transparent color, arranged in patterns one by one about the love of your mind. Be wearing, willfully turned a gorgeous, you are the protagonist of this romantic game.

Zhuoyuan Paco gray ceramic stone decorative red line health

Magnificent bold, yet restrained deep

This design generally use to Paco series of healthy red ash stone, has always enjoyed a "spectacular, uninhibited life of the original stone spree" classic reputation. Gray and red pattern of the match, inspired by the designer can stand contains a critical eye? Paco gray red is the answer. Warm red with gray calm, perhaps it is the embodiment of contradictions, but they presented an extreme aesthetic, handsome strong texture, color transition variety, color and crystal clear, it covered the whole ground, bowing is a bold pieces of sublime landscapes.

It is related to designers say, popular drama "ruffian hero" in the Chen-day living in luxury often tainted by elements of this style, course, health Yajia Si gray stone style.

Modern edge, but bearing history

This design generally use to the Empire series of healthy new cream-colored stone, she really is "a classic collection of 12 ° N." Technically, the first and leading sexual is not questioned, Zhuoyuan ceramic pioneering use of real stone technology world-class 1:1:1, 1 +1 +1 health technology, technology, and 20 times a thousand fold true rock and other advanced technical, get rid of all the natural disadvantages of native stone, cast stone health high gloss, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption, less color, size and color rich diversity and many other advantages, for natural stone beats and imitation Stone effects have been uplifted to excellence, the one of the most unique artistic vision and taste of life more closely together to understand, walk in the home improvement fashion forward!

Moreover, the new cream-colored Imperial family health stone still bear the years of charm and history of a deep, echo valley as mine, but the king of the world, such as vertical and horizontal. Whenever implication Empire temperament items, the total gives a luxurious and rich historical flavor imprinting, new beige Empire is no exception. Italy, latitude 12 ° Lombardy region is the stone prestigious Royal Stone birthplace, the new cream-colored Imperial unique cultural and historical charm, deep, steady, with moisture, such as butter-like texture, jade-like smooth, cold texture, as always, Classic, classic north latitude 12 ° light show.

Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/04/27