Xili Red also called as Chili Red

Singapore's demand for a large stone processing equipment

    Almost all of Singapore's decorative stone stone from around the world, resource-rich country imports, mainly from Italy, about 4 percent. China stone varieties, prices are low, with products in the international market Zhuoyou Xin Yu, and Chinese, "Hang Grey," marble, Fujian 603, Shenzhen "Xili Red"1 granite, can be seen everywhere in Singapore. Other countries also have superior varieties sold in Singapore.

Singapore, stone processing capacity is about 2.5 million m2 / year, of which about 60% of the products for domestic, 40% exported. Due to the unique geographical location, whether stone or stone products manufacturing machinery, the role of Singapore's transit is also an advantage.

Singapore stone enterprise according to production conditions can be broadly classified into three types: 1. Equipped with a frame saw, import blocks, processing a variety of boards, and undertake decoration design and construction; 2. Purchase a variety of boards, provide their own construction units in the field processing.

Singapore and more advanced stone processing equipment industry, processing quality, mainly from Italy, such as basanti's large frame saw as the main equipment, other auxiliary devices are Italian products, could barely see the disc cutting machine; the production of large cylindrical products equipment, can process up to 2.2m diameter, the arc plate. Especially from the U.S. computer-controlled high-pressure water jet is the most advanced, high efficiency, processed products are very exquisite.

Singapore is very advanced enterprise management, basically realized the computer control, both enterprise development, planning, personnel, production, sales and decorated entirely by computer control. Singapore's small population, a considerable portion of labor from abroad, and companies on their training and recruitment of all categories of personnel involved in the management. The country's economic strength, is planned to construct a variety of building interiors, almost no non-use of granite, marble and slate, and that has generally into the home. Therefore, each decorative stone in great demand in Singapore.

1 Xili Red also called as Chili Red.

Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/04/15